Synoptic 06 MIR 11, Melbourne 2006

Curated by Kirsten Rann

This installation builds on previous collaborations with Natasha Johns-Messenger and comprises two parts. The first acts as an ‘intervention’ with the architectural, material and spatial construction of the MIR11 Gallery space via an architectural/sculptural installation. The second entails the audience – or in this case ‘participant viewers’ – who wear video glasses and a surveilance camera on their head which feeds live-video of the space into the glasses as they move through the space.

The viewer thus experiences a collision between virtual space and real space. Viewers move through and view both virtual and real elements integral to the structure of the space and adjust to the terms of the inversion of virtual and real worlds.




The Illuminated Field
A Scintillation of Particles and Waves
The Observer Effect
Corrected Perspective
Thresholds & Displacements
The Implicate Order
XYZ-NYC 10 Downing






All images copyright Leslie Eastman