In the light of the other 1st Floor Artists and Writers Space, 1997


In the light of the other was the culmination of a series of solo works (In Time, 1st Floor, Flux, Stripp Gallery, Studio 5) and collaborative projects (General Review, Westspace) which utilised light as a medium between spaces and as a means to emphasise the viewer's awareness of themselves perceiving. The work utilised a series of camera obscura images of various intensities, with and without optical lenses. A sequence of encounters was devised in which participants would slowly adjust to the darkness of the gallery space then move from the brightest to the weakest projected obscura images in a cascade of recognition and awareness. Only after up to 10 minutes did viewers appreciate the extent of the obscura 'murals' on the walls and ceiling of the gallery and that they had been observed by other viewers in this unfolding process. Photographic documentation can only partly record this process.


The Illuminated Field
A Scintillation of Particles and Waves
The Observer Effect
Corrected Perspective
Thresholds & Displacements
The Implicate Order
XYZ-NYC 10 Downing









All images copyright Leslie Eastman